We realized over the years we brewed a lot of good beers, but neglected taking pictures.  We would venture to say we were just so excited to drink them but we'll fix that going forward as we hone our photography and social media skills.  

Here are some of our favorites that we DID get shots of over the years.

Berrified! - Wheat Ale- Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries

Another collab beer, this time with our friends over at Reckless Shepherd Brewing.  We took our Barry Wheat recipe and scaled it up for a 7 bbl brew.  It came out just like we remembered it, bursting with berry flavor and a great beer for a nice spring day.  

To Helles With You - Smoked Helles Lager

This was our first time brewing a lager so we brought in our buddy Dan from Small Batch Brewing to make this Smoked Helles Lager.  We went light on the smoke as we didn't want it overpowering, just a hint of smoke flavor.  Had a great brew day with some celebratory beers afterwards and then the waiting game began.  This one sat in the fermenter for over 6 weeks at 38F but it was worth the wait.  Super clear and flavorful coming in at 5.8% ABV.

Shut My Mouth - Sweet Potato Pie Ale

Every year we do a Pumpkin Ale, because they are delicious and if you don't agree, you're wrong!  This time we substituted pumpkin puree with 5lbs of sweet potato that we roasted in the oven with brown sugar before adding to the mash.  The goal was to get more pumpkin like flavor and using sweet potato definitely did the trick.  This may be our new annual fall beer.

Fruitzooka - IPA

We've done this beer before but didnt take pics.  This was the first time we kegged a beer which makes the bottling/keg day much quicker and the first time we did a double batch to fill the fermenter up with 10 gallons of beer.  This IPA was brewed with Azacca, Citra, Mosaic and Ekuanot hops and then dry hopped with the same hop additions.  Turned out great, only thing we want to perfect for next time is more haze in the body.  

Juicy Juicy Mango - Mango Wheat Ale

Wheat Ales are great for fruit additions and make a great summer time brew.  We added 5lbs of mango puree after fermentation which gave this beer a nice hint of Mango flavor.  Honestly we thought 5lbs would be enough but we think we will up the amount next time to live up to the name.

Birds of a Feather- Belgian Wit- Plum, Vanilla and spices

We brewed this beer a couple times on the Grainfather and got the opportunity to do this on a much bigger scale with Hysteria Brewing.  The beer turned out fantastic every time and is the perfect crushable beer for a hot summer day.  Birds of a Feather has plum, vanilla and a lot of different spices that all work together to give this beer a nice flavor without any particular flavor stealing the show.

Barry Wheat- Wheat Ale- Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries

For this Wheat beer we wanted to add fruit and not just a little bit, a lot of bit.  Near the end of fermentation, we added 6lbs of berries that we pureed into the fermenter and let it sit for two days to let all those berry flavors mingle with the wheat beer.  All that tartness from the berries made this beer reminiscent of a sour.  Great beer to start the summer, just wish we brewed more as it didn't last long! 

Monster Mash- Brown Ale- Pumpkin

Of course we have to have a pumpkin beer for the fall.  Keyword...fall.  Pumpkin beers SHOULD NOT be coming out in July, but I digress.  We love pumpkin beer and you should to!  We brewed this one twice and for some reason the second round didn't turn out nearly as good as the first.  I suspect oxidation from the plastic fermenter that wasn't sealing as well after a couple years.  That fermenter is now in recycling heaven so RIP and good riddance.  We brewed this with 4lbs of pumpkin in the fermenter along with brown sugar and other spices.

JunIPA- IPA- Juniper berries

This was our first beer we decided to brew together back in 2018.  We just had some of Checkerspot's Juniperus (which was delicious, so go check it out) and were inspired.  This one actually was an extract kit to knock the rust off before we quickly dove into all grain.  We were a little hesitant to add too much juniper berries to this so we went really light and the beer turned out great but now that we are more adventurous, we would have gone a little heavier to let the berries pop through.  This beer actually won a blind taste test at work (yes we indulged after work at this job) going against another unnamed IPA that is brewed for 60ish or so minutes.